About Pau
Born in Barcelona in 1987, Pau Garcia-Milà is an entrepreneur and communicator. He was 17 years old when he founded his first company, eyeOS, which was subsequently acquired by Telefónica. During that period, Pau was named Innovator of the Year in 2011 by MIT’s TR-35 and was honoured with the Prince of Asturias and Girona “IMPULSA Empresa 2010″ Award.

On the communication front, he is the author of four books about innovation, ideas and communication, and contributes to a host of media. He is a regular speaker at public and private events, where he advocates the culture of failure as a key part of success, and speaks about the need for companies to innovate from all departments so as not to lose their competitive edge.

USA Today and OZY magazine published an article about his work in June 2014.

Pau currently combines his work at his most recent venture, IdeaFoster, with lectures at ESADE (he teaches on the Masters in Digital Business). He is also an external expert working with the research team at the IMD’s VC2020 Research Centre.
Some projects soar, some sink and others simply go unnoticed. However, every single one of them deserves to be remembered:


Born in 2005, acquired by Telefónica in 2014. Invented the web desktop.



2014. An idea materializer catering to start-ups and big corporations.

Leaders University

Leaders University

2015. Online education platform, with training facilitated by world-class leaders.



Founded in 2011, closed in 2014. Social network about passions: love, and hate!

Talk Academy

Talk Academy

2014. Online public speaking and communication course, in collaboration with ESOEN B.S.

Viaje AlFinDelMundo

Road trip #AlFinDelMundo

2014. Branded Content action with Renault: Road trip from Barcelona to Finisterre in an electric car.

Published books
Pau is the author of four books about entrepreneurship, idea generation and communication:
Eres un gran comunicador - Libro de Pau Garcia-Milà

Eres Un Gran Comunicador

- Spanish - 2015

This book pursues the art of communicating effectively. It is written for anyone who wants to hone their communication skills, either for public speaking or simply to improve their ability to fight for their ideas.

Optimismamente - Libro de Pau Garcia-Milà


- Spanish - 2012

Being an optimist means that, despite frustration or setbacks, you believe that everything will be alright in the end. The eternal and weighty issue of optimism, in less than two hundred pages.

Tienes una idea - Libro de Pau Garcia-Milà

You have an idea

- English - 2013

Given that great ideas can appear when you least expect them, this book explains how to identify and foster the generation of new ideas. It’s all about being ready for the creative blast.

Está todo por hacer - Libro de Pau Garcia-Milà

Está todo por hacer

- Spanish - 2011

This book takes a funny, no-lectures approach to issues such as everyday creativity and how to inspire it, the stages needed to nurture an idea or how to deal with the first day after a success or failure.

Other publications
Scientific articles and/or books that Pau has co-written or has written a part of:
You may not finish reading this article - Artículo por Pau Garcia-Mila

Article published by IMD (ranked #1 in business school programmes worldwide by Financial Times) with lecturer Carlos Cordón, about Big Data.

Will big data create jobs – or destroy them? - Artículo por Pau Garcia-Mila

Second article published by IMD with lecturers Carlos Cordón and Teresa Ferreiro, about the creation and/or destruction of jobs by Big Data.

Awards and recognitions
An award is a moment of clarity that recognizes an accomplishment. It celebrates the past and strengthens the future.
From the Prince of Asturias and Girona (FPdGi)
By MIT’s TR-35 publication
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