Talk Academy is a public speaking and communication course (in Spanish) that we have been recording and working on for the last few months. The course rounds up all the topics from the book and has a detailed focus on practical exercises and theory.

The course consists of 27 videos, 10 modules and 3 parts, all created by an awesome team spearheaded by Lluís Soldevila and the ESOEN Business School.

Lluís Soldevila’s lectures address the theory of Effective Communication, Persuasion, Assertiveness… and the Message, the most integral piece of the puzzle. Keeping in mind that being memorable is the goal, he has included examples that the students will love.

ESOEN Business School has joined the project to add a theoretical layer to the course, and will also be issuing the diploma in association with Talk Academy. ESOEN is taking decisive steps towards innovation on the business school landscape, and I am very happy to be part of their journey.

Last but not least, this is the first Original Innovation project that we have launched at IdeaFoster. Hopefully, it will be the first of many.